Friday, April 27, 2012

Bath time!

Kayla really loves bath time.  I can't say anything that has the word "bath" in it or "wash" in it because she thinks then she gets to take a bath.  She rubs her hand on her chest/belly (her sign language for bath/wash) and starts to walk towards the bathroom.  Then if I don't follow her, she gets pretty mad.  Not sure what it is but she really loves it in there...

We don't do this as much anymore, but we used to say, "where are your duckies and frog, can you line up your duckies?"  Then she would do this...

Then, "Can you give the froggie a kiss?"  (She only kisses the big duckies.)  I really love her little kissy face, she does it to almost anyone.  So lovable!

She loves to wipe the soap in her hair and on her belly.

She loves to splash in the water and stick all the letters on the bathtub wall.  At the end of bath time, she loves to slide her legs in and out so the water splashes.  Water is SO fun.

And she REALLY loves "brushing" her teeth.  I mean seriously.  She was crying for a while when we took her toothbrush away.  Now, we have gotten to the point where we can tell her to put it away and then we go see Lambie for bed time.

I wish I loved bath time as much as Kayla!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Halfway!! 20 Week Update

I've decided, based on some reader feedback, to do not weekly updates but maybe every 2-3 week updates.  Things don't change that much week to week for me and it's nice to see in one place how the baby is growing. :)  I can't believe we are halfway to meeting BH2.
  • Baby is the size of a:  19 weeks: large heirloom tomato, 20 weeks: banana (these comparisons don't seem all that similar to me, some are long and skinny and some are round?  Whatever :))
  • Total weight gain/loss: At my Midwife appointment last Friday, I seemed to have gained an exorbitant about of weight in the past 4 weeks but I'm blaming a faulty scale.  I honestly don't think that would be possible.  But I'm guessing around 12ish pounds up.  I'm in denial.
  • The bump: On of the owners of the performance center I work at told me yesterday I looked "very pregnant."  Um...Thank you?  The bump is definitely growing and I think is shaped very much like I was with Kayla.
  • Symptoms:  So remember 3 weeks ago when I had some spicy lobster bisque that didn't taste as good the second time around?  Well that happened again to me this weekend.  I think I need to stay away from foods that have a lot of different flavors and spices that I wouldn't normally eat when not pregnant.  Once again, as with Kayla, I am a little bit over the constipation and could really do without the stuffiness but if those are the worst things about my pregnancies, I'll take it. 
  • Food cravings: Pancakes.  I could eat pancakes every meal of every day for the rest of these 20 weeks.  And normally, pancakes aren't my favorite breakfast food.   
  • Anything making me queasy/nauseous:  Cilantro?  Some other spice...I can't quite figure it out.
  • Sleep:  I have begun propping myself up on more pillows so I'm not laying as flat and I can sleep more on my back where I am most comfortable.  It seems to be working a little better.  I'm still getting up at least 1x per night to pee.
  • What I miss:  Still's the season for one of my favorite beers.  I think we are going to have to buy a 6 pack and save it for September for me.
  • Wedding rings:  I can still put all rings I normally wear on.  If I'm warm (most of the time) they are a little tight but that's pretty normal.  If only wearing my wedding band (normally), I have no issues.
  • Names:  Not much more talk since 2 weeks ago but one girl name is really growing on me.
  • Maternity clothes:  I still need some shorts or capris as the weather starts to get warmer I'm going to be melting in maternity jeans.  I have recently purchased a dress I can dress up and dress down for a couple friends weddings this summer so I'm excited to received that!  Any suggestions on where to buy some "maternity" shorts or capris?
  • Labor signs: No thank God.
  • Best Moments: Halfway ultrasound (post to follow).  Justin started rubbing my belly more. :)  Maybe it's subconscious.  
  • What I am looking forward to:  Seeing how Kayla continues to react to my growing belly.
  • Worries?:  I am hoping to work on this post this coming weekend if I have some time.  
20 week belly photo:

Sunday, April 22, 2012


So once again I'm a terrible blogger. :)  And I've also been not so great of a learning photographer lately.  But I have spent a large portion of this weekend editing some photos.  So I thought I would give you a preview of what is to come this week.

This is mainly to hold myself accountable and remind myself of the things I can write about!

  1. Cloth diapering laundry: I know I haven't written much about cloth diapers lately, so I thought I'd do an update and maybe a post about stripping your diapers.  And a couple new reviews maybe!
  2. Bath time love.
  3. 20 week Ultrasound and 19-20 week updates.
  4. Some fun eating photos of Kayla and maybe a feeding update on how things have been going.
  5. Weekend in Milwaukee overview.
  6. Meeting new friends.
  7. And of course, a Wordless Wednesday post!
Enjoy this sneak peak!

This picture wasn't great to begin with...very very dark but she just really loves Lambie!

I may just try to do a weekly preview every Sunday so that I make myself think of things I want to post about!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Very Belated Easter!

Sorry for the radio silence the past week.  It was crazy busy with some very exciting news and we were in Milwaukee all weekend which I will recap later this week.  For now, here is a quick recap of our Easter celebration with my siblings.  I started to edit the photos but only got about halfway so they aren't really "final products."

Justin and I woke up early to get Kayla dressed in her Easter dress and head to my parents to spend the day with my sisters and brother.  They were hiding some eggs filled with snacks for Kayla and my sister was making ham and potatoes for a semi-early dinner.

We headed over before feeding Kayla breakfast (to avoid any car sickness) and fed her when we got there.  Aunt Megan "hid" the eggs around the living room in Kayla's favorite places to play.  There were a dozen eggs filled with Kayla's favorite snacks: goldfish, cookies, yogurt drops and cheerios.  I wasn't sure Kayla would care much for trying to "find" the eggs, but here is a snapshot of how it went:

Point Kayla to the egg in "hiding," "find" eggs

Open eggs and take out favorite snacks to put in mouth

Shake the remaining contents all over floors while dogs swarm around and adults frantically try to pick up "best" snacks

But it was fun.  She searched.

She ate.

She waved at Kevin.

And played with all her new toys from Mommy & Daddy and Gigi & Papa.

Oh, and petted/chased the dogs.  All-in-all a fun Easter day!