Friday, October 7, 2016

Tanner David: 10 Month Update

Weight: About 21 pounds I think but we didn't have to go to the doctor this month! YAY!

Length: Not a clue

Head Circumference: See above :)

Physical Milestones:  Tanner is cruising ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. now and quickly!  He is always moving from one place to another.  He knows when the baby gate opens and bolts for the stairs.  He is pretty good and getting up them safely and Kayla and Brody love to go behind him and make sure he is safe.  

Eating/Sleeping:  This kid is LOVING table food.  His favorites are blueberries and pancakes and grilled chicken.  Eggs are on and off. We are pretty consistently nursing 4 times per day and 1 time overnight because he still refuses to sleep.  Which isn't so bad.  He's an AMAZING napper taking two naps per day and going down super easily.  He still love waking up early but what can you do...

Tanner LOVES bathtime and splashing but has hated the pool all summer!  But this month, we had a birthday party with some close friends and the water was warmer so he loved playing in the zero depth area, splashing and crawling around.  He learned this month how to bear crawl to save his knees when he is little guy.  He adores watching and laughing at his brother and sister and they love getting him things and helping me feed him and going to "check on him" in the morning when he is awake (has been awake for a while just talking in his crib).  He got 5 teeth this month, which was fun. (Insert eye roll.)  But he is still just the happiest kid!  He puts up with a lot from his big brother and sister, but he is going to be tougher because of it!

Tanner also LOVES making what Kayla and I like to call his "O" face.  He does it all the time. :)  Caught it in lots of photos this week!