Monday, August 17, 2015

Pregnancy #3 Update

Well I may be the worst "blogger" of all time.  It's been a crazy busy summer but I really do want to try to blog more, for the mere fact that I love looking back on these memories.  My goal is 1x/week blogging at this point. I'm hoping to put in some updates about Kayla's surgery and Brody very soon!  Working on editing photos now.  Anyways here some photos and info about how this pregnancy has been going:
  • Total weight gain/loss: I try not to look at the scale.  I feel like I may just be one of those people that gains more weight in pregnancy no matter what I do or how big the baby is.  Trying to let it go and looking forward to getting back on track with eating and yoga after baby comes. :)
  • The bump: I think at first I was mainly pretty bloated which made me feel the need to tell people we were pregnant earlier than I would have liked to.  It has grown a fair bit, still not sure I'm anywhere near as big as I was with Brody, but no one seems to be shy about telling me how large I am.  P.S. this is rude people.  The two photographers I've been with in the past two weeks are my favorite people as they have both told me how small I look.  It's really a breath of fresh air to hear that.  I know I shouldn't care but hearing it multiple times every day from coworkers, patients and other people's patients can really drain you.
  • Symptoms:  Mostly really tired.  It's like the amount of fatigue multiplies every pregnancy.  You know what else multiplies?  Every other symptom of pregnancy, i.e. heartburn (doesn't matter what or how much I eat, round ligament pain, pelvic pain.  Those are my main complaints.  Every once in a while I'll get some swelling in my ankles if I do too much sitting at work (or at a continuing education course) but it goes away over night.  I'm getting a bit more crabby as the weeks go on and irritable (see people telling me how big I am).  I'm contributing it to my lack of a regular yoga practice as I had before.  Trying to keep it up as much as I can. Oh did I mention I'm hot.  Like really freaking hot.  I honestly have no other way to describe it to anyone than I feel like I could be sitting naked on an iceberg in Antarctica and still be sweating EVERYWHERE!
  • Food cravings: cereal, Twix, hummus, nothing that really stands out.
  • Anything making me queasy/nauseous:  No, another morning sickness free pregnancy.  Smells sometimes make me gag but I have a bad gag reflex anyways.
  • Sleep:  This hasn't really been great.  My pelvic pain is making it tough to find a comfortable sleeping position and it's getting tough to roll over without aggravating my diastasis recti.  Also, knowing so much more about everything with my new women's health/pelvic floor specialization at work makes it more difficult.  
  • What I miss:  My normal yoga practice. 
  • Wedding rings:  I can get them on I discovered 2 weeks ago, however it's not worth it to me.  The extreme heat I'm going through is definitely causing swelling so it's not worth risking them getting caught on my finger.  I'm currently just wearing them on my necklace.
  • Maternity clothes:  I am so thrilled I can wear Lululemon and Athleta gear at work.  I am proud I made it to 20+ weeks without pulling out any of my maternity clothes.  Currently, I have some maternity shorts and shirts out.  Mostly maternity shirts unless I can find a longer normal shirt.  I would say it's about 50/50.  
  • Labor signs:  None.  I had a small thought I might be leaking amniotic fluid last week but turns out I'm not (didn't really think I was, just was more curious if that was a possibility).  Otherwise mainly just more Braxton-Hicks contractions than I remember with either Kayla or Brody.
  • Best Moments:  Having prenatal yoga photos taken almost 2 weeks ago and having our family maternity session this weekend.  We also celebrated Daddy's birthday this past weekend.  I think my favorite part of this pregnancy is how excited Kayla is.  Both kids love helping my midwife, Linda at my appointments.  They put the "belly jelly" on, help listen to the heartbeat, measure my fundal height and clean up the belly jelly.  They really love coming with me to my appointments, and Kayla has said she now wants to be a "mommy doctor."
  • What I am looking forward to:  Fall and football!
  • Worries?:  Right now, it's just figuring out who will watch the kids and hoping I don't go into labor at 38 weeks when Justin is on a work trip in San Diego.  Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty laid back and mostly trying to bond with this baby when I get a free second. :)
I've been trying to semi keep up taking photos so I can do another possible comparison post like I did with my pregnancy with Brody.  Here are some I have taken.  I will also share some prenatal yoga and family maternity photos when I get a chance. 

Week 8/9...mostly bloating I think but either way

Week 12/13

Week 16

Week 18

Week 20/21

Week 24

Week 26 forearm stand before teaching yoga class.

Week 30
Clearly I was super busy through the month of July since I completely forgot to take a classic bathroom selfie.  I'll be updating on Kayla and Brody and everything we were busy with soon!  I also had a continuing education course in Wisconsin for 4 days in July which had me and my mind very busy!

Until next time...