Saturday, October 19, 2013

Conversations with Kayla: Second Installment

"Kayla, do you see the airplane?"
"That's not an airplane!  That's a shark!"

"I need to go get my camera, so I take pictures of Brody in the tent."

"La la lala (singing), I like puuuuurple and pinkkkk!"

Mommy: "Kayla, put the potty (step stool) back in the bathroom."
Kayla: "No I need to get my food up there (on top of the play kitchen.)"
Mommy: "Why don't you just ask me to help?"
Kayla: "No I need to get it.  (Me giving her a look.) IIIIIII.  IIIII need to.  Kayla."  (As if I didn't understand.)

Mommy: "Kayla can you count to 20?"
Kayla: "No.  I did it at school.  I don't need to do it right now."

"No no syrup.  I just want butter on my pancakes.  I want A LOT of butter on my pancakes."

Mommy: "Kayla, what's your baby doll's name?"
Kayla: "Baby."
Mommy: "Oh, well are we going to leave Baby in the car while we get lunch?"
Kayla: "No! Baby comes with us."
Mommy: "Oh, is she hungry?"
Kayla: "No!  Her mouth isn't open!"  (Giving me a look like I'm crazy.)

"Don't talk to me, Guy!!"  (At Target after being greeted at the door.)

"WAAAAAHHH! Brody bite me!"
Mommy: "Well I'm sorry but he's just a baby and he doesn't really understand.  Just keep telling him no biting."
Kayla (to Brody): "No biting Brody! No biting!"
Kayla (back to Mommy): "It just really hurts (whimpering.)"

Kayla on the phone: "Ok.  So just come here and eat lunch with us."  Pause. "Yeah, so just come here and play with toys then go eat lunch."
To Mommy: "Mom, that was Miss Jordann."

Mommy trying to convince Kayla why she needs to take a nap:
Mommy: "You need to get rest so that you have lots of energy to play with Nini and Pampy when they come visit you."
Kayla: "Nini and Pampy don't play!"
Mommy: "They don't?  What do they do?"
Kayla: "Just sit on the couch.  They don't play."

Friday, October 11, 2013

What a Difference Four Years Makes...

Four years ago, we were laughing at this...

Just the other day, we were laughing at this...

Back story:  We can use the cameras on our phones to see Kayla in her bed under her door.  On Wednesday, she was up and singing in her room for an hour and a half at nap time.  I was checking on her and she could see my camera under the door.  CAUGHT!  Justin and I were in tears laughing at this.

I wouldn't change a thing, but sometimes I miss those old days.  I can't wait to spend a weekend with just my husband for a change!  


You make love look and feel so easy.  There is no one I'd rather be walking next to on the road of life.  :)