Friday, October 7, 2016

Tanner David: 10 Month Update

Weight: About 21 pounds I think but we didn't have to go to the doctor this month! YAY!

Length: Not a clue

Head Circumference: See above :)

Physical Milestones:  Tanner is cruising ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. now and quickly!  He is always moving from one place to another.  He knows when the baby gate opens and bolts for the stairs.  He is pretty good and getting up them safely and Kayla and Brody love to go behind him and make sure he is safe.  

Eating/Sleeping:  This kid is LOVING table food.  His favorites are blueberries and pancakes and grilled chicken.  Eggs are on and off. We are pretty consistently nursing 4 times per day and 1 time overnight because he still refuses to sleep.  Which isn't so bad.  He's an AMAZING napper taking two naps per day and going down super easily.  He still love waking up early but what can you do...

Tanner LOVES bathtime and splashing but has hated the pool all summer!  But this month, we had a birthday party with some close friends and the water was warmer so he loved playing in the zero depth area, splashing and crawling around.  He learned this month how to bear crawl to save his knees when he is little guy.  He adores watching and laughing at his brother and sister and they love getting him things and helping me feed him and going to "check on him" in the morning when he is awake (has been awake for a while just talking in his crib).  He got 5 teeth this month, which was fun. (Insert eye roll.)  But he is still just the happiest kid!  He puts up with a lot from his big brother and sister, but he is going to be tougher because of it!

Tanner also LOVES making what Kayla and I like to call his "O" face.  He does it all the time. :)  Caught it in lots of photos this week!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tanner David: 9 Month Update

Weight: 20 pounds 6 ounces (64th percentile

Length: 29.75 inches (95th percentile)

Head Circumference: 46 cm (79th percentile)

Physical Milestones:  Tanner is still starting to move so much more this month and really grasp different things and understand!  He started SLOWLY cruising the furniture this month and mid month he started waving!  I love this as I find that all kids have different first waves.  I remember Brody used to wave his arm emphatically, Tanner likes to open and close his fingers and usually you will find him waving at himself while watching his hand.  He's fascinated that he can mimic what you do!  

Eating/Sleeping:  We are consistently eating 3 meals a day and still nursing about the same amount.  I started nursing him an extra time though he probably doesn't NEED it, because I wanted to keep my supply up, plus, it can't hurt.  We also are slowly adding in more "real" food this month, soft fruits, little infant treats (puffs mostly, I've learned many adults I know love these...), and of course carbs (pancakes, toast, etc.)  Sleeping is still mainly just 1 time per night waking up to nurse.  At this point I'm pretty sure it's comfort nursing but I don't really mind because it only takes about 10 minutes to nurse and back to sleep almost immediately.  Most of the time Justin doesn't even wake up.  And he's a champion napper.  Still a bit of an early riser though. 

This guy LOVES smiling, laughing (still) and cruising around and exploring all the things at knee level that he couldn't before!!  He loves to laugh at Brody (and obviously Brody loves this) and Kayla loves to carry him around, help change his diaper and act like his Mommy.  It is so fun watching all of them interact together!  Tanner is going to be one strong and tough cookie as he grows up with these two around him!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tanner David: 8 Month Update

Weight: 20 pounds 4 ounces

Length: Only reason I know his weight is because of frequent visits to the pediatrician

Head Circumference: See above :)

Physical Milestones:  Tanner's physical milestones are EXPLODING this month!!  He is army crawling EVERYWHERE.  He started clapping at the beginning of this month, started pulling to stand too!  We had to drop his crib mattress down 2 times in as many days!  Problem is, he couldn't get himself down for a while!  He would stand and play for a while but then cry because he couldn't figure out how to get down.  By the end of the month, he was getting a little better at lowering himself down!  :)

Eating/Sleeping:  We are consistently eating 3 meals a day and still nursing about the same amount.  He is actually an excellent napper so some days we drop one nursing session because he doesn't seem to need it!  Still the happiest kid ever.  Still waking up 1 time per night not usually more.  I thought we found some consistency getting to about 2 or 3 at least each night, but then it started to fluctuate again.  The good news is that even if I wake up at 11:45 to feed him, he still sleeps until 5.  He seems to be liking waking up at 5 am...which I don't really love.  :)  But I think Brody went through something like this.  Hopefully it's just a phase. 

This guy LOVES smiling, laughing, pulling to stand on everything and exploring all the places he shouldn't!  He puts everything in his mouth and loves eating.  I feel so blessed to have him as an addition to our family.  It feels like he's always been here and he truly makes me so happy.  I wish I could slow down time!