Monday, June 28, 2010


"Pregnancy is a weird time all around." -my Mom

Morning sickness?

So I think the first thing I thought of when discovering I was pregnant was morning sickness.  I had a strong urge to call my mom and tell her first to find out how her pregnancies were and if she got a lot of morning sickness.  I then decided it was probably more important to tell her something like that in person (although I semi-spilled the beans on Facebook to my younger sister...oops!)  I had heard that often your pregnancies are similar to what your mother experienced, but I guess I was going at this on my own (and with Justin of course.)

Well I was feeling great!  I was extremely to the point that I could fall asleep standing up working on one of my patients.  But besides a small amount of nausea in the mornings when I got up, I wasn't feeling terrible.  Especially since I am not a morning person anyways and tend to not feel awesome waking up even when not knocked up! :)  So here I am, informing my patients that we are expecting, bragging about how besides being exhausted (which they initially thought was due to my century bike ride at the beginning of the month) I was feeling great and hadn't had any morning sickness.

Fast forward to last Wednesday.  I had a pretty long 10 hour day at work, followed immediately by a volleyball game and I wasn't feeling all the great afterwards.  Come Saturday morning, I had a terrible night's sleep and was trying to clean up our apartment for the in-laws to visit, when a sudden urge of nausea hit me that I couldn't ignore.  Yesterday I was fine and again today I had to go into work a little late because every time I moved I felt sick.  Now, don't get the wrong idea.  I haven't really been throwing up a lot, but I'm also not feeling as awesome as I was 2 weeks ago, or even after my 100 mile bike ride!

Being the scientist that I am, I've been trying to correlate my sickness with something, I'm thinking it's either the particular brand of pre-natal vitamins I've been taking the past 4 days or the nights that I don't sleep very well.  But either way, I'm hoping that it doesn't stick around for long.  I've been reading the Hot Moms-to-Be Handbook and the 2nd (month) chapter last night was all about positive thinking about your pregnancy.  Therefore today, I'm trying to think about how great the end result of all this will be and it won't last forever!

P.S. When/if you or a friend gets pregnant, buy a body pillow. They help me sleep a ton!

Also, if anyone has anything in particular that they want to read about just let me know.  Until then, I'll just be talking about whatever comes across my mind or I might use the little journal questions for my Hot Moms Handbook!:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here we are!

Ok, so this is my first blog post.  As you most likely know if you are reading this blog, we recently found out that we are pregnant!  Well more like, I am pregnant and Justin puts up with me while I'm pregnant. :)  I thought that starting a blog where I could post pictures and videos hopefully would be the best way for our friends and family across the country to stay up-to-date with our lives!

So here is our little story, starting from day 1 (or about week 4/5):

I was a little late and had warned Justin about a week or so beforehand, but as you know, I was doing a lot of biking so I thought maybe that was part of it.  I decided that it was probably smart just to make sure so on Monday evening, the 24th of May, I bought 2 +/- pregnancy tests on my way home from work.  I was so nervous and almost embarrassed since, being the good little Catholic girl I am, I had never done this before.  Took one, thought it was positive and told Justin that I thought I was pregnant but I was going to take the other one just to be "sure."  When that one was + I started to freak out a little.  Fast-forward to about 40 minutes later, after Justin went out and bought 4 more digital tests, 2 of which I took and were blaring the word at me...pregnant, pregnant...ok ok I got it.  We are pregnant.

I wish I could share with you what was going through my head at that moment, but I think it best to leave it between Justin and I, but needless to say, we were shocked!!!  I wish I could say that I was 100% excited right away, but as most of you know...I'm a life planner.  I plan my life out well in advance and I stick to that plan come hell or high water.  Well, this little one wasn't quite in my plan at this moment in time.  But, such is life!  The idea of having a baby is really growing on us, and I can really only speak for myself but thank you all for sharing your excitement and support with us!  I constantly crave others' approval (a large personality flaw) so I can't explain how glad I am to have so many wonderful people behind me.  I can't wait to share our journey and our lives with you all, especially my family in Illinois and Wisconsin, I miss you all like crazy!