Monday, April 22, 2013

What happens when I become overwhelmed...

I am generally a very motivated, driven person, but the past 2 weeks in our new house have really taken their toll on me.  I know I haven't written and the reason is that when I become overwhelmed, I tend to shut down and just do what I need to do to get through each day.  Which has been hard in and of itself as now I'm getting so little sleep that I'm sick.

Kayla is really not a fan of new day care.  Both kids were sick week 1 and not sleeping great at all.  Brody started to get better, while Kayla started to get worse.  I'm pretty sure Kayla was feeling abandoned.  Then Brody get really bad, like waking up every hour literally bad.  I ended up taking them to the doctor because I was desperate for some help.  The doctor didn't help much.  Although we now have a referral to an ENT for Kayla's constant ear infections.

The mess in the house is driving me crazy but, like I said, when I'm overwhelmed I do the bare minimum.  I can feel that pesky post partum depression creeping up.  If we had any money to spare right now, I'd be paying for the best sleep consultant there is.  They wake each other up, Brody screams bloody murder at night for no reason.  Kayla is sleeping better, but how can we let Brody "cry-it-out" if he's going to wake her up?

I'm starting to feel like I'm just inadequate at mothering babies that sleep.  Why do I have, not one, but two of the worse sleepers ever?  Anyways, just letting you know I'm here and overwhelmed and hopefully will be back shortly.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sickness and Sleep

Too much of the former and not enough of the latter.  

So 2.5 weeks ago at Brody's sixth month check, we found out both kids had double ear infections.  Ugh.  I thought we were past this.  Ok, so fine, they both get put on Amoxicillin (good thing this is SUPER cheap with my prescription drug coverage.)  

Fast forward 4 days, Brody got a fever of almost 103.  After 36-48 hours we ended up at the doctor's office because she was worried the medicine wasn't helping his ear infections.  Which it was.  He apparently had some other sort of virus causing him to be so congested he literally couldn't breathe at all through his nose (which makes for very annoying nursing relationship, chest congestion and upset stomach.  He also decided he wasn't interested in eating solid foods anymore.  At all.  After four days of a fever of around 103 despite regularly giving him Tylenol, it finally broke.  Then he was SUPER cold and clammy for a few days.

So for Easter, we were all healthy.  We went to see the Easter bunny, enjoyed some time at our favorite appliance store in preparation for our impending move.

Come Tuesday when the kids went to daycare, I got a text at work saying Kayla had a fever.  So now Kayla has whatever Brody had.  (She actually threw up when she woke up from her nap today which is why I totally lost my train of thought on this post.)  We are sure if it's a virus, a concussion or a combination of the two since she got a huge goose egg on her head at my parents house on Easter Sunday.  She was in the laundry room and quickly turned and (we think) her her head on the door handle.  Honestly, she isn't great about watching where she is walking so I have a feeling we will have a lot of goose eggs in our future.  Needless to say, we are monitoring her closely to make sure she doesn't have a head injury.  We still aren't convinced.  Hopefully all will be well once we move into our new house this weekend.

 photo image-14.jpeg
My little man and me Easter weekend.

 photo image-16.jpeg
Kayla in the bubble machine at the appliance store (yes the appliance store is AMAZE-BALLS)

 photo image-19.jpeg
Kayla's fresh goose egg...the other picture my mom took was significantly funnier but I'm not mean enough to post it. 

 photo image-17.jpeg
Little man is very very mobile now and enjoys exploring his new environments.

 photo image-18.jpeg
This is what Kayla looks like EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we leave Gigi and Papa's house.  I probably have about 15 photos just like this.

 photo afterlight.jpeg
Yesterday, on the way home from daycare after picking up the kiddos, I was very concerned about Kayla's blank stares and not responding to me.  But I couldn't help but chuckle a little as I drove and heard quietly in the backseat the "zzzzziiiiiiipppppp"  and "bbbbzzzzzzzzzzzz" of Brody pulling on this zebra vibrating car seat toy.  He crawls to his car seat to try to pull it while at home too.  :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

What's New?

So I know I've been light on the posting.  I have a few things in the works such as:
  • Brody's 6 Month update
  • St. Patty's Day
  • Easter
  • Sick baby update
We are set to close on Friday on our new house, so look forward to hopefully some before and after updates on some of the new rooms.  I'd especially like to work on the kids rooms first.

Until then, enjoy a few photos from our February play date with some of our great friends from college and their adorable little girl who's about 1.5 months older than Brody. :)

(Sidenote: I made the mistake of exporting these photos from iPhoto to my photos in a smaller size/quality than normal to try to save space...I guess I see the repercussions of that mistake now.  Katie if you want any photos I will redo them so they are better quality, just let me know!)

 photo KaylaSteps.jpg

 photo Brody1.jpg

 photo Brody2.jpg

 photo Cora1.jpg

 photo Cora2.jpg

 photo Cora3.jpg

 photo Cora4.jpg

 photo BampC1.jpg

 photo BampC2.jpg

 photo BampC3.jpg

 photo BampC4.jpg

 photo BampC5.jpg

 photo BampC6.jpg

 photo Group1.jpg

 photo Group2.jpg