Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life/Blog Update

Ok, so I know I haven't written in a while and I can't lie and say that I feel bad about that, because I don't really.  But I have another high school friend who's a mom and keeps a blog (it's secret I think otherwise I'd share it here, I don't want to let out any clues to her identity:) and she recently wrote about how she didn't feel like she had a lot that was "important" to write about but that really her blog was like a journal of her and her kids lives.  I realized that is why my blog is important to me.  I feel like I have some awesome documentation of my kids young lives which I'm sure I will never remember in 10 years, so I want to try to get back to it.  I was putting it off because for some reason, I thought I would become this totally famous blogger who was funny and wrote about topics people cared about, but I'm not and I don't.  And that's ok because this blog was really for my friends and family who care about what is going on in our lives.  So if you are following hoping I write something enticing, I suggest you look back less often because it will most likely be just updates and posts about things we've done and how the kids are growing.

I have been trying to get more into my photography in hopes I can start up a little side business so that is keeping me busy.  I also started making invites, cards, etc for friends through photoshop and I'm kinda loving that so I might see where that goes too.  Needless to say, I've been busy.  But here's a semi quick update on the kids!

Brody is really transforming into a little person at this point in his life.  He understands so much more and does things with more intent.  He started saying "apple" (side note: how weird is it that this was both of my kids first word besides mama and dada?).  I also started giving kisses and blowing kisses this week!  (I have a really cute and funny story about this down a little further.)  He's walking/running and climbing all over the place.  All those people who told me boys were so much harder were right.  I'm realizing how easy Kayla was when she was little now that I have Brody.

He's pretty attached to Mommy, which sometimes is very hard.  I try to make time for both kids individually, but sometimes I feel like I'm failing.  In the last month, Brody has gone through an ear infection, croup, getting a molar at 1 year old, and pink eye.   The poor kid.  Despite all this, he's been sleeping pretty well.  I was talking with a patient about my kids constantly getting sick, and she made a good point.  She said that kids tend to "get sick" in the same place all the time, i.e. Kayla is always getting ear infections and Brody gets SO congested and all his sickness is in his sinuses/throat/nose etc. I think she's probably right.

Speaking of sickness, I don't remember if I talked about Kayla going to see the pediatric ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor) in May, but she did after having 5 double ear infections in 6 months.  At that point, he told us we wouldn't even think about tubes since her ears were clear and we were heading in to the summer months, therefore fewer colds, therefore fewer ear infections.  I was kinda hesitant at the time but agreed to wait since she didn't seem that "sick" to me.  Then she got a double ear infection in July, in the middle of summer.  Then another in September and then another in October (or the on in September never went away.)  So the pediatrician we saw finally referred us back to the ENT and for a hearing test.

So this last Wednesday we went to have Kayla's hearing test and then her appointment with the ENT.  Between May and now, I also emailed the ENT to ask him at what point I should start being concerned since I'd heard about hearing loss, etc from frequent ear infections.  Well, even though Kayla wasn't interested in participating in the hearing test, she still came out with mild hearing loss (even with the completely objective tests.)  Her ear drums aren't vibrating at all (how you hear) due to the amount of fluid trapped behind them, and therefore she is failing the inner ear test as well.  Then ENT then recommended tubes and told me, "Here I was thinking you were just an overbearing mom, and you were right.  I hate when that happens."  Um, ok thanks, I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

So this Tuesday Kayla has a physical prior to her outpatient tubes surgery next Tuesday.  I realize tons of kids get tubes and it's really a short, relatively easy procedure, but I'm worried about my little peanut.  Looks like I'm getting the week off of work for Thanksgiving week even when I wasn't planning on it.

Oh and the story I promised about Brody learning how to kiss...

While at the ENT appointment this week, Kayla was clearly getting tired of being asked to do stuff and being poked and prodded.  She was sitting in my lap and Brody was getting antsy as well so I picked him up too.  He was standing behind Kayla on my lap and he just kept leaning over and giving her kisses (even making the smacking noise) on top of her head.  This is the first time he ever has done this and I thought it was so special he was trying to comfort her.

Anyways, there is a quick update.  I will also be writing a post soon about my updated priorities and my new life goals soon.  Here are some pictures of the kids while we were raking leaves last week.

 photo Brody1.jpg

 photo Brody4.jpg

 photo Kayla2.jpg

 photo Kayla3.jpg

 photo Family1.jpg

 photo Kayla6.jpg

 photo Family2.jpg

 photo SiblingsSidewalk1.jpg

 photo SiblingsSidewalk2.jpg

 photo KaylaSidewalk.jpg

 photo BrodyBacklit2Copy.jpg

 photo ThrowingLeaves.jpg

 photo KaylaLeaves1.jpg

 photo Kayla8copy.jpg

 photo Kayla9copy.jpg

 photo Kayla10.jpg

Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Wish List

So since everyone is always asking me what to get the kids for Christmas, I'm making a pseudo list for your assistance (family).  Feel free to only use the list to get ideas of what they like, etc.  Also, please let me know if you do decide to get something from the list so I can let other family members know it is already being purchased. :)


Kayla is very into drawing/coloring/art and is in the thick of learning/writing her letters, sight words, and spelling her name!  I also have a lot more ideas for Kayla than Brody, but she also has a birthday coming up.
  • Balance Bike :  I would really like to help Kayla learn to ride a bike.  I've heard these things are excellent for helping them learn to balance on two wheels.  
  • Easel All this Ikea stuff is perfect and pretty cheap.  (Also, something to store all this art stuff in would be nice...)
  • Learn to read/write things (LeapFrog items or something of the sort.)
  • Ergo Baby doll carrier : I'm thinking about getting this for her because I know she will love carrying her baby dolls.  (Side note, baby dolls and accessories would probably be a favorite of hers and don't take up a lot of space, therefore a favorite of mine.  She has a Target My Generation doll - Ashley - so accessories (i.e. new clothes for her to change into etc) I'm sure Kayla would love.
  • We are thinking about moving her to a queen bed around Christmas or her birthday.  Her room is peach colored and we will hopefully eventually paint some hot pink and orange polka dots on one wall.  I have found one duvet cover I love here.  It's on clearance and hard to pass up, but then we would need to get a duvet, which isn't that big of a deal.  At least then as she grows and her tastes change we can just change out covers.)

Brody loves cause/effect things such as things with buttons he can push to make noise or for something to happen.  He loves music and cars and blocks.
  • Tool Bench and tools :  I'm not sure if he would like this or not but it's hard to come up with toy ideas for a second child, except trying to find more "boyish" toys...although the kid loves the play kitchen and Kayla's baby dolls...
  • Train set : Another random thought.  Not sure if he would truly be able to appreciate this yet.
  • Puzzles : We already have quite a few puzzles, but Brody is pretty interested in them.
  • Tobbles : He loves stacking and knocking things down.
  • Maybe some more toy storage for his room.  His room is pretty bare compared to Kayla's.  He only has a teeny tiny dresser, so maybe another storage item.  
  • Refrigerator alphabet
  • Drum/maracas: He loves to shake and bang things...
  • Wagon : Would be nice to have seats for the kids. 
If you know me at all, you know I would prefer small, easily storable toys.  But really, I would prefer clothes, the memberships or money to go towards classes or activities we can do together.  In my opinion, that is a better way to spend money. :)  Or use the money to come visit us and play with the kids!

P.S. Melissa and Justin would like money to replenish our dwindling account. :)