Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Silence

Since moving into our new house, I have felt like 3x as busy as I was before (which was pretty busy if you ask me.)  I literally have barely had time to think about my blog.  But I've been dreaming about getting back to it and documenting my kids lives and how important it is to me, so I'm making a very concentrated effort to post 3x/week.

I had big plans to upload some recent phone and Instagram photos to this post to show how much we are enjoying our new home, but it turns out, I literally can not add more pictures to my computer.  Leading me to another task on my long list of crap I want to do.  I have slowly been putting photos onto our external hard drive, but I've been hoarding all photos from our wedding forward so I can create some online family "yearbooks," so I guess I better get on that.

Anyways, besides the major sleep issues still going on, the difficulty with our new day care and the sickness that is still invading our home, we are SERIOUSLY enjoying getting our new house ready.  We love being so close to the park and everything we could need.  Wish we had a bit more money to decorate and furnish, but for now, it's perfect.

This week, my goals are to post "before" photos of our new house and do some updates on Brody (6 AND 7 months, I'm way behind) and Kayla.  Until then, we are enjoying the spring weather which is hopefully here to stay!