Sunday, February 26, 2012

Proud Parenting Moments

There are so many times I am so proud of being Kayla's mom.  Whenever we take her out of the house, she is just so happy to be experiencing something different she is the biggest ham!  She smiles and waves at everyone!

Today in the grocery store, she was smiling at the checkout lady, and the lady said, "Well you've just made my day!  You may be the happiest customer I have ever seen."  People are constantly telling me how happy she is and how well behaved she is.  I honestly can't help but think that they think this is because we are such good parents.  I wish I could attribute it to that, but honestly, I just think it's her personality.  We just got lucky.

There is one thing I am taking full credit for though (with Justin's help.)  I can say in Kayla's 13 months and 4 days of life, I have NEVER lost her pacifier.  We have four and they are all still accounted for: 1 in her crib, one in the car seat and 2 in the toy box (yeah not sure why).

Point Mommy & Daddy.

March 2011:  Purple pacifier = crib pacifier. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mommy/Daddy Related Clothes

Since becoming a parent, I've noticed something about grandparents.  Well actually sort of more like maternal versus paternal relatives.  There are so many little outfits that have "mommy" or daddy" written on them.  The relatives tend to gravitate toward buying outfits related to their respective side of the family.  My mom tends to buy more "mommy" related things and likewise for Justin's parents.  Not that this is a bad thing, just something funny I noticed.  And not that this is ONLY the case, just more frequently.

One of the multitude of things I love about Justin's and my relationship is that when we pick out clothes, we pick out clothes related to the opposite person.  I would be proud if Kayla turned out to be a daddy's girl!

Do your parents by outfit related to your "side" of the family more often?  Or am I just making this stuff up? :)

Justin picked out Kayla's Thanksgiving onesie.  "Mommy's little turkey."

I picked out Kayla's Valentine's Day outfit. "I love (daddy)<3."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Because Every Day Should Be About Love...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I know a lot of people dislike Valentine's Day, but I'm not really one of them.  I believe that you should make it a point to show the people you love that you love them more than just a few special days a year, but I do love that it's so focused on that one day.

I love that Valentine's Day is about more than just your significant other.  For me, it's about Justin and Kayla mostly, but it's also about my wonderful family and my fantastic friends.  Now, I don't get to see or talk to my friends all that often, but I can assure you that I think about them often.  My best friend and roommate from college makes it a point to text me on all holidays.  This is such a simple gesture, but she probably has no idea how much it means to me.  I really wish there were more days in the year to spend with my friends from college and all other times in my life.  (I wish there were more time for a lot of things!)

Something else I've been thinking about this week is learning to love myself.  This may sound a little odd, but I've realized this week that there are so many things about other people in my life, certain traits or talents, that I find myself thinking "Man, I wish I were that good at [blank]" or "I wish I were more [blank]."  I have really got to stop thinking that and start focusing my life on the things I am good at and cherishing my positive traits and qualities.  Not that I ever want to stop learning and growing, but there are just some things I may never be good at and I shouldn't be upset about that.

Valentine's Day was luckily a Tuesday so I got to spend the day at home with Kayla.  She was cranky.  Like, really cranky.  But she napped pretty well.  Justin came home from work for lunch and brought me some very cute earrings that I would never have thought he could pick out (he knows me very well.)  We drove to Milwaukee to spend some time with family at the Marquette women's basketball game.  It wasn't the perfect day that most people would hope for on Valentine's Day, but it was still special to me.

In the words of Justin Beiber from Kayla's singing Valentine bear (which she seriously loves.  We have to hide him "in bed"):

You know you love me.  I know you care.
Just shout whenever, and I'll be there.
You are my love.  You are my heart.
And we will never, ever, ever be apart.

She wasn't completely unhappy, but she did cry for about an hour and I couldn't console her.

Mom, I want that camera lens cover.


Heart butt black & white. :)

There's my happy, laughing baby!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

12 Month MD Check-up

We finally got to go to the doctor for Kayla's one year check up today.  Last week, we took her to the doctor since she had been sick for over a week and she was sticking her fingers in her ears so we just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything serious going on.  Turns out she had/has a double ear infection.  I guess this isn't too big of a deal since she really hasn't been sick in her whole first year of life so the Dr. H today told me that usually kids fight these things off pretty well, especially if it isn't consistently happening to her.  Here are her 1 year (3 week) stats:

Weight:  20 lb 5 oz (32.72%)

Height: 2 ft 6.5 inches (85.7%)

Head Circumference:  47.5 cm (96.09%!!!  What!?!)

Apparently, her head is growing larger as her height and weight are staying pretty consistently in the same percentiles.  Well, I take that back.  I think she shrank a little bit (height was 95th percentile at 9 months).  I, however, am partially blaming this on how dramatically terrifying this appointment was for Kayla, and myself really.

When we got there and the nurse brought us back, everything was ok.  Then the nurse got up, got some alcohol swabs out and Kayla completely lost it.  Screamed while she sat in my lap and the nurse measured her head.  Screaming when I lied her down to measure her and really screamed while she was getting weighed.  She was practically inconsolable.  Then the nurse left and I gave her some snacks and she was a little better.

Cue Dr. H.  Everything was fine at first, but then after talking to me about foods, safety, Kayla's potential motion sickness in the car, the ear infection, etc, Dr. H had to evaluate Kayla (i.e. listen to her chest, look in her ears, at her eyes, at her bum etc.)  She screamed the whole time then Dr. H put her down and she practically ran to me.

Then she calmed down again (with more me Momma Bribery) and the second nurse came in for the shots.  There were 3 shots this time around.  Talk about torture.  What I really like about the pediatrician is that she explained to me the side affects of all the shots, the worst case scenarios etc.  Then she explained to me that since Kayla hasn't even really gotten a fever with any of the other shots we've gotten, there should be no problem with these shots.  I've always been on the pro-vaccination on a normal schedule boat, but it's nice to know that she is giving me the information along with her 20+years of experience and letting me choose.  Anyways, back to the nurse with the shots.  Kayla actually was in a much better mood and let this nurse hold her!  I was hopeful this would be better, but I was wrong.  3 shots and lots of screaming and crying later, Kayla had 3 very cute purple bandaids on her little legs and I was heading upstairs to have her blood drawn.

I mean seriously!?  I didn't even know they could draw a 1 year old's blood.  Well, this was by far the worse part of the day for me because she is so strong they needed me to hold her on my lap (tightly), another tech to hold her arm out for the needle (and she was seriously pulling away), and the other tech to actually draw her blood.  But, we survived and I got lots of cuddling time with my little peanut today.

Some more milestone information:

Physical milestones:  Kayla is pretty much running everywhere now.  She climbs up onto things herself and does pretty well getting back down going backwards.  This I would say is her strongest category.

Motor milestones:  Kayla has a very nice pincer grasp and a very good pointer finger.  She has also made sign language leaps and bounds!  I'm thinking of trying to add a few more signs to our repertoire.

Eating:  I don't even want to talk about this because I swear Kayla refuses to eat normal food for me.  She eats pretty well for everyone else and we try to get her a good rounded diet.  She really loves fruit though.  We will be trying some whole milk soon since the doctor told me I could do that instead of formula now.

Sleeping/Napping:  The past few weeks have been hard because she's been sick.  The nighttime sleep is a little up and down.  Some nights she sleeps great and others she seems to be wide awake for a while in the middle of the night.  Naps are also a struggle right now.  We aren't sure if she is trying to transition to one nap or if she is just struggling with normalcy because of being sick.  Oh well, I'm not trying to over analyze sleeping anymore!

Speech:  Kayla babbles A LOT, but I haven't really caught any words yet.  Although, I think she says "off" pretty well and regularly (and correctly).  She often tries to repeat after me and it's sort of funny watching her move her tongue around.  She's working so hard on words!  She understands so much though!  She can point to her nose and if I ask her where something is she can usually get it or will point to it.  Dr. H told me they should have 2-5 words at 15 months and that would normally be when they could follow simple commands.  I told her Kayla does follow very simple commands and she said that was great.

Over all, Kayla is doing great minus the double ear infection.  Yet another nice validation that we are pretty ok parents! :)

Here are some photos I took of Kayla on her actual first birthday!

She is so advanced.

I know it's blurry but I love this one.  

She does this thing where she puts her hands like this and reaches for something (me, the couch, her chair, the laundry basket) when she wants me to pick her up or put her on/in something.  So cute.

Loving her birthday balloons from the baby store, Wonder!

Hanging with Daddy.