Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Terrific Threes!

One little girl I know turned 3 a week ago.  Because of my favorite app, TimeHop, I realized the past two years, I have done a year in review with photos so I'm going to try to keep that up this year as best I can.  Forgive me as my memory is starting to fail me at an early age...

January 2013:
  • Celebrated my 2nd birthday
  • Got some photos taken with Jordann
  • Passed sickness back and forth with Brody. (Double ear infection)
  • Took my first dance class! And was the only one the first week not in ballet clothes.
 photo Kaylas210.jpg

 photo Outtake10.jpg

 photo _DSC0061.jpg

 photo Hales-2323.jpg

February 2013:
  • Spent some time outside pulling Brody on the sled
  • Celebrated Valentine's Day and all the people we love
  • Became more independent at dance class
  • Tried to stay healthy - unsuccessfully
  • Had a playdate with some long time very good friends!
 photo KaylaSteps.jpg

 photo Group2.jpg

 photo Group1.jpg

March 2013:
  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Brody's half birthday
  • Still tried to stave off the sickness (still not working)
  • Had more playdates with friends and more ballet class
  • Took a photo with the Easter bunny and had chocolate chip cookies at Abt.
  • Celebrated Easter, painted eggs, found eggs at Gigi's
  • Celebrated my Aunt Lauren and Uncle Kevin's upcoming wedding
 photo SPDKayla2.jpg

 photo SPDKayla4.jpg

 photo KaylaMarch13.jpg

 photo Sibs14.jpg

 photo Eggs7.jpg

 photo Kayla2.jpg

 photo Kayla3.jpg

 photo KampGigiComp2.jpg

 photo _DSC0148.jpg

 photo _DSC0150.jpg

 photo _DSC0159.jpg

 photo SnowDay10.jpg

April 2013:
  • Apparently didn't do much since Mommy didn't take any photos this month (pretty much at all)
  • Still sick!!!  Probably my 5th double ear infection.
  • Moved into out new house!!  Got a new room, took me a while to get used to sleeping there.
  • Explored the new park by our house.
 photo KaylaSick.jpg

May 2013:
  • Celebrated Mother's Day
  • Painted for Gigi and Nini
  • Got very very sick before I was supposed to be the flower girl in Lauren's wedding
  • Aunt Lauren and Uncle Kevin get married!
 photo MegKaylaSpotlight-1.jpg

 photo KaylaGigiMeme.jpg

 photo Kayla1.jpg

 photo PaintingKayla.jpg

 photo MKB1.jpg

 photo Bath8.jpg

June 2013:
  • Celebrated Father's Day in Milwaukee on the beach with Kevin, Lauren and Liam
  • Went strawberry picking with friends
  • Had a playdate with two long time friends of mommy's
  • Had fun playing with my brother in our new house
 photo _DSC0475.jpg

 photo Kayla2.jpg

 photo Kayla13.jpg

 photo _DSC0265.jpg

 photo KB9.jpg

 photo LaurenKayla.jpg

 photo Beach6.jpg

 photo KaylaDaddy.jpg

July 2013:
  • Spent a lot of time outside while Mommy took pictures
  • Celebrated the 4th of July
  • Celebrated Brody's baptism
 photo KaylaCrying.jpg

 photo MKB.jpg

 photo GigKayla.jpg

 photo KaylaFlipFlops.jpg

 photo _DSC0764.jpg

August 2013:
  • Went to the WI State Fair
  • Celebrated Daddy's birthday
  • Celebrate's Liam's 1st birthday
  • Visited Aunt Meme's apartment and went to the park
  • Visited a lot of parks near our house
  • Wore my favorite summer dress as much as humanly possible
 photo KaylaCorn8.jpg

 photo KaylaCreamPuff3.jpg

 photo KSlide2.jpg

 photo KaylaKite3.jpg

 photo K4.jpg

 photo Kayla3-1.jpg

 photo Kayla4.jpg

September 2013:
  • Celebrated Brody's 1st birthday (Nini and Pampy come to visit)
  • Had more photos taken with Jordann
  • Spent lots of time at parks in our new hometown - Mommy didn't take a lot of photos because she was frustrated with her camera this month
 photo Hales-3133.jpg

 photo Hales-3012.jpg

 photo Hales-3474.jpg

 photo Hales-3382.jpg

 photo Hales-3303.jpg

October 2013:
  • Went apple picking
  • Picked pumpkins and saw some horses and chickens and Wagner Farm
  • Dressed up as a spider for Halloween at school
  • Went trick-or-treating at school
 photo KBRocker5.jpg

 photo KPumpkin1.jpg

 photo KBPumpkin1.jpg

 photo KBRocker6.jpg

 photo KJHouseofCorn.jpg

 photo KPumpkin3.jpg

 photo KTractor6.jpg

 photo KTractor5.jpg

 photo KTractor2.jpg

November 2013:
  • Celebrated Mommy's birthday
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with family
  • Had fun playing in the leaves when Mommy and Daddy were raking
  • Finally after a long year of ear infections and pain, had tubes put in my ears (I haven't had an ear infection or really even been sick since!!)
(No photos, because I'm getting too tired of posting them.  So look back on my Thanksgiving posts and my post with the photos from the leaves if you are interested. :) )

December 2013:
  • Had fun decorating the house for Christmas
  • Celebrated Christmas with my family.
  • Enjoyed the snow, shoveling and sliding down the big snow piles, making snow angels
  • Went on a trolley lights tour of the city with Mommy
(Again, no photos from December.  Still working on it.)

From Mommy:

I cannot believe how much my little girl has grown in the past year.  It's actually amazing the giant leaps toddlers make from 2-3 years old.  Kayla looks so much more like a little person.  She's definitely lost all of her baby fat.  She talks like a 5 year old sometimes.  She is officially sleeping in a normal bed (queen size - lucky girl).  She potty trained, learned to jump, and learned to eat better!

My little peanut loves parks, slides, running, singing, dancing, playing with dolls, puzzles, books, airplanes, fountains, snow, being outside, swimming, and so many more things.  She loves helping me with EVERYTHING around the house.  She helps me with the laundry, she helps me fold the laundry, she loves to help me clean the house.  She loves brushing her teeth and washing her hands.  Overall, she's a relatively easy toddler.  She doesn't really like to go to sleep at night, but things could be worse. She loves to do everything mommy does.  She loves photography and she loves yoga.  I honestly can't think of too many things she doesn't like.  

My little girl is curious and creative and sensitive and loving and caring and kind.  I can't wait to see her grow up.  I am so lucky to have such an awesome little person in my life.  I will forever be grateful she made me a mom, and my journey as a mom sure started with a bang because of her.