Cloth Diapering


Cloth diaper reviews:
Note to readers, I am by no means an expert but I am slightly obsessed with cloth diapering (ask my husband.)  This is only my experience with my skinny minny baby and some things I have heard on the many blogs I follow and in cloth diapering community.  I mainly have stuck to all in 2, all in one and one size diapers and have yet to try any fitteds/prefold/flats with covers.

Ragababe AIO
Type: All in one diaper (best for day care as it is most like a disposable.)
Pros: Amazingly absorbent; Very cute colors and prints (kinda rockstar-ish: 7 colors and 10 prints, and they are adding new ones); 3 sizes with large range of fit; super easy to use and wash; VERY TRIM, great for nighttime diaper as it has a pocket that you can stuff with an extra insert (or you can lay the insert directly on the diaper)
Cons: The biggest con is they are damn near impossible to get (check out my post here and here); expensive; have to buy multiple sizes to fit baby through potty training (although they fit for a long time, for example medium fits from 14 to 30 pounds); only hook and loop or aplix closure (no snaps)
*Ragababes are also very good for babies with sensitive skin

Ragababe 2-step
Type: One size hybrid diaper with snap in inserts
Pros: Inserts are super absorbent (I use them in many of my diapers); if baby only pees, you can just change out the insert and reuse the cover; black/white and star print with multicolor custom snap options; grows with baby (although they have 3 sizes to fit newborns better and then older babies through toddlers)
Cons: Expensive and really hard to get your hands on!; not true one size as you may need to buy more than one size; only hook and loop/aplix closure

Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper
Type: Sized swim diaper
Pros: Super trim and breathable; easy to use and wash, contains poo very well.
Cons: Doesn't contain pee (however cloth swim diapers aren't supposed to), may need more than 1 size

Fuzzibunz OS
Type: One size pocket diaper with microfiber insert and opening at back (no flap covering opening)
Pros:  Adjustable elastic in waist and legs; multiple snaps for varied waist and leg settings; easy to use and wash; cute colors (14 solids); grow with baby; not super bulky due to adjustable elastic
Cons: Slightly difficult to stuff since the waterproof cover is slight sticky; no hook n loop (velcro) closure; opening for insert at back of diaper without fold over flap so you have to make sure it's closed and not sticking out the back so the microfiber insert isn't touching baby's skin; more expensive than other diaper types

Bum Genius 4.0
Type: One size pocket diaper with microfiber insert with back opening and flap
Pros:  Grow with baby; flap to prevent insert touching babies skin, easy to stuff; come in snap and hook n loop closure; adjustable microfiber insert to adjust as diaper grows; nice colors (8 solids and an artist series); easy to use and wash
Cons:  Slightly bulky on little babies; sometimes difficult for me to find a setting when snapping at waist that fits properly; expense

Oh Katy (I have sold these diapers since I couldn't seem to get a good fit and Kayla kept peeing out the front.)
Type: One size pocket diaper with front flapped opening and microfiber insert
Pros:  Grow with baby; cute colors (9 solids); slightly trimmer for smaller babies; cross over snaps at waist to close diaper while out of house and to fit smaller babies; very easy to stuff; easy to wash
Cons:  I don't think this diaper will be able to grow all the way to potty training as it's slightly smaller; have a slightly awkward fit when baby is in between sizes; we've had some leaks with these; more expensive than other diaper types

GroVia (I have been using the GroVia covers with my Ragababe inserts)
Type: One size Hybrid or All in Two diaper with mesh lined cover and snap in insert with gussets
Pros: Easier to use than pocket diapers; very absorbent and contains #1 and #2 well; Very cute colors and prints however limited (6 solids, 4 prints); both snap and hook n loop closure; option of disposable inserts for travel; grows with baby
Cons: Bulky on baby; you have to wash the whole diaper with pooplosions; more expensive

Itti Bitti Tutto (I have traded this diaper for a Ragababe since Kayla seemed to be sensitive to some material in the lining and on the insert of this diaper...although it is a great option if your baby isn't sensitive.)
Type: One size hybrid or all in two diaper with snap in inserts
Pros:  Extremely adjustable insert (you can form many combinations); grows with baby; gussets on inside of cover to contain leaks; less bulky due to customizable insert; cute colors and soft minky fabric (15 solids)
Cons:  A little bit difficult to figure out the snapping customized system; I've had one large pee leak with this diaper when Kayla was smaller; no hook and loop closure; very expensive

Rumparooz G2 OS* (I have sold this diaper since it wasn't a favorite of mine.)
Type: One size pocket diaper with microfiber insert and back opening
Pros:  Gussets built into inside of cover; grows with baby; super absorbent and containing; a large variety of colors/prints (12 solids, 8 prints); both snap and hook n loop closures; can be X small for newborns
Cons:  Very bulky; more expensive than other diaper types

Happy Heineys* (Trying to sell this diaper...any takers :) )
Type:  One size pocket with microfiber insert and back opening no flap
Pros:  Grows with baby, both snaps and hook n loop closure; an amazing amount of colors/prints (28 solids/ 17 prints); I've heard they are better for babies with big thighs; cross over snaps for smaller babies;
Cons:  I had a leak so I sort of stopped using this diaper as well; no flap over opening for insert; more expensive; slightly difficult to stuff; hard to snap

Type:  All in one one size diaper.
Pros:  Grows with baby; super cute prints but only 6; no stuffing!; super soft lining against baby's skin
Cons:  Much larger and the fold down way to adjust the size is a little difficult; only snaps

FLIP* (I have sold the covers and inserts for this diaper since we didn't like it for Kayla...but people really seem to love FLIPs.)
Type: One size hybrid or all in two diaper
Pros: Easy to use as you just lay the insert in the cover; grows with baby; can buy disposable inserts; cute colors (10 solids); if the cover doesn't get dirty you can just switch out the insert and reuse the cover
Cons:  You have to be careful with the inserts as one side is microfiber and CANNOT touch baby's skin or it will cause a rash; bulky; no stability in the insert

Econobum* (I also sold this diaper since it wasn't one of the ones we use regularly.)
Type: One size cover with prefold bamboo insert
Pros: Easy to use by laying insert in cover; grows with baby; can reuse cover if it doesn't get soiled; bamboo is SUPER absorbent
Cons:  Limited colors (white with 3 different color trims); no stability with insert;  need to wash bamboo at least 4 or 5 times to get the absorbency up.

Items in red color are also Justin's input about the diapers...I wish I could get him to blog more! :)
* My person opinion and information on these diapers is limited as I don't use them very often and some I only used once or twice.  I will update if I go back to try some of them as Kayla grows and I get more adventurous.

UPDATE:  Since starting cloth diapering, I have found the diapers the Kayla, Justin and I like and have tried to start to build our final stash of those types of diapers.  I am still open to trying different brands and types of diapers but I know I will never get rid of my Ragababes, BGs or FB since they have been working great for us!

Accessories Reviews:

Bummis Liners:  These are very thin sheets made of natural fibers.  They add no absorbency to your diaper, they are too help clean up more solid poops.  The are relatively inexpensive ($8 for a roll of 100) and work WAY better than I even imagined.  When baby poops, you just shake the liner into the toilet and flush!  And you can hardly tell baby pooped in that diaper afterwards.  The one negative I can think of would be that you have to keep buying them if this is your main form of poop removal.
I don't have a diaper sprayer (yet) so I can't tell you how that compares.  I have, however, tried the dunking method (i.e. take dirty diaper and dunk it in the toilet to get rid of solids.)  Just like you are thinking, I thought "Ok this is SO not going to work."  But it does!!  And quite well actually!  And it's a cheap way to get rid of wastes.

PlanetWise wet bag: I haven't been using this very much since I have the small size and it is seriously small.  I think it would hold 1 diaper and that's it.  If you get a larger size of their bags that would solve this problem as they are durable and easily washed and stink free!

Ragababe wet bags: I love everything Ragababe as you can see.  These are super cute and lightweight yet still hold small in.  According to the website, they hold 4-5 diapers, which I could see.  They have a pocket on the back of the bag to hold extra wipes or liners.  They come in white or black and you can get custom stitched words/phrase on the handle and a custom snap color.  My favorite part of these bag is the handle.  It has a snap so that when you put the dirty diapers in them you can hook it onto the handle of your diaper bag/purse so that you don't have to shove it back inside.  Love, love, love...but costly!

Itti Bitti wet bag:  This is the one I was using before I got the Ragababe wet bags.  They are cute minky fabric and cute prints.  Hold the smell in well and wash easily.  I have nothing bad to say about them.  I just prefer the Rags. :)

Ragababe laundry bag:  This is relatively new to me, but I really wanted a second laundry bag so that while I was doing laundry, I didn't have dirty diapers laying around.  It comes in white or black and hangs on the door (or wherever, which I think I will really like when Kayla has her own room.)  There is a pocket in the back similar to the wet bags.  It's HUGE!  Holds up to 20 diapers (per website) and contains the smell nicely.

PlanetWise diaper pail liner:  This is my normal pail liner prior to the RagaLaundry bag.  They come in multiple colors and have elastic around the top to keep them on a pail (I bought a cheap-o pail from target).  It has held the smell in very well, and is super easy to just toss in the laundry with the diapers.  It has been trustworthy and I would definitely recommend it!

Rockin' Green Hard Rock laundry detergent:  Lots of delicious smells.  Only have to use 1.5 teaspoons of detergent with my diapers.  So far, I have no complaints...except sometimes the detergent gets caught in the zip closure and makes it hard to close the bag.

Ragababe cloth wipes:  SO, so so soft and lovely.  I cannot say enough about these wipes.  They are expensive but I use them for EVERYTHING...baths, wiping Kayla's face after eating, cleaning up spit up and spit now...everything!

My wish list:
Things I need still or diapers I am dying to try...
  1. Prefolds or flats with covers (specifically blueberries, thirsties, apple cheeks)
  2. Ragababe all in two and all in one diapers
  3. Charlie Bananas (supposedly very similar to Fuzzibunz - my favorites)
  4. More GroVia covers and inserts
  5. Apply Cheeks or Bummis swim diapers
  6. Liners and/or diaper sprayer for when Kayla starts eating more solids
  7. Another washable pail liner
  8. Cloth wipes and solution
  9. Baby legs
Cloth Diapering "Must-Haves" (In one humble mom's opinion)
To Be Continued...