Monday, September 3, 2012

Pregnancy 1 versus Pregnancy 2

I thought it would be fun to do a short little comparison post of my two pregnancies, since both my sister and my aunt mentioned they thought I was carrying differently this pregnancy than I did with Kayla (therefore they both think it's a boy).


  • extreme fatigue in the first trimester
  • significant breaking out (more so in the first pregnancy and more so all over then as well)
  • mild nausea in first trimester with minimal actual vomiting
  • hormonal
  • pubic/pelvic pressure
  • slight return of nausea in third trimester
  • fatigue in third trimester
  • third trimester irritability and lack of tolerance with people around me (mostly patients)
  • Some shortness of breath but not too much rib kicking/pain with either

Pregnancy 1:

  • Hair growth/fuller head of hair: my normal hair loss doesn't seem to have slowed down this time around and my hair has not gotten thicker (this was super nice the first time).  Maybe this will mean I won't lose it all at 12 weeks post partum this time. :)
  • I was constantly hungry then, not so much this time around
  • I had tons and tons of nightmares if anyone remembers.  This time I've had a few nightmares but only a few.
  • I felt AMAZING my second trimester.  This time has been significantly harder all the way throughout.

Pregnancy 2:

  • Back pain.  I had some back pain with Kayla but it was significantly better than normal after I got into prenatal yoga (and not having a toddler to tug around helped too.)
  • Heart burn.  Seriously, someone make this go away.  I had heartburn for like 2-3 days with Kayla.  This time, it's every day pretty much the second half of the day and it's been going on for MONTHS.
  • Hand swelling/ankle/foot swelling.  My hands have been swelling and going slightly numb since about 4 months.  My ankles and feet have just gotten pretty bad in the past month or so.  It isn't terrible but I can actually FEEL my ankles swelling without even looking at them.  I'll be glad to have my normal feet back honestly.
  • Just generally harder, I'm guessing mainly due to having a toddler. :)
  • A lot more weight gain in general: chin, face, legs, arms, hands...just everywhere.  I forgot what I used to look like.
Now for the fun part!!!  I took some time to look back at my blog during my pregnancy with Kayla.  I didn't have the specific weekly updates, etc so my belly shots aren't EXACTLY lined up.  But I practiced a few photoshop skills and made some comparisons of my belly between pregnancy 1 and 2.  Here for your viewing pleasure. :)

Pregnancy 1 on left, pregnancy 2 on right:
16 weeks

21 weeks: 20 weeks

23 weeks: 22 weeks

26 weeks: 25 weeks

28 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks

39 weeks: 38 weeks

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