Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kayla is 2!! (An a month now...)

So we celebrated Kayla's 2nd birthday last month.  Seriously, where did the time go???

Looking back, I wish I would have taken my own pictures of her like I do monthly photos of them, but I didn't think about it.  So today's post will be filled with a few pictures from her birthday party and the completely lovely pictures taken by a friend Jordann Tomasek Photography.  She took our maternity/family photos before Brody was born.

So Kayla's 2 year update:

Height:  3 feet (What?!?  She's 3 feet tall :))  (94th percentile)

Weight: 24 lbs 9 oz (43rd percentile)

Head Circumference: 49.5 cm (95th percentile)

Physical Milestones:  Kayla is still pretty ahead of the curve, but I feel like at this point it's hard to pick out the little things she is able to do.  We've been working on jumping for a few months.  She's not great at actually leaving the floor, but she's getting there.  She is very aware of her body and the motions she can make.  She's a little bit like a monkey, copying everything.  I'm surprised she doesn't actually participate in dance class a little more.  She just really likes to observe, though there are a few points where she likes to partake.

Fine Motor:  Kayla has started coloring/drawing a lot.  She will often draw a scribble and say, "Mommy" like she has written "mommy" on the paper.  At least she understands the idea of writing.  She is excellent with a fork and spoon and she loves to try to "cut" her food at dinner like Mommy and Daddy do for her.

Verbal skills:  Kayla's speaking exploded around 20 months or so.  She loves to speak in long full sentences, even if sometimes the tense or the personal pronouns are the wrong ones to use.  And just like the physical things, she loves to repeat EVERYTHING you say.  I have to admit, she's said a couple swear words out loud repeating after Justin and I, but we've come to the conclusion that ignoring her when she repeats them works wonders.  She doesn't know what she is saying and because we aren't swearing all the time around her, she doesn't think much of it and never repeats them.  The only one she tends to use correctly is "crap."  I'd like to blame my mom for that one, but I'm sure I say it too.  Because like I said, Kayla only repeats and uses the words she hears frequently.

Potty Training:  Since day 2 of potty training, Kayla has been a rockstar for the most part.  She hardly had any accidents for the first month or so.  Then she had a double ear infection and another ear infection a month later and she was having a lot of accidents which I was blaming on the antibiotics.  She has a hard time at daycare as well, I think because she's too busy playing.  But even if we put her in a pullup while we are out and about, she always tells me when she has to go, and sometimes more often than she really needs to go.  Last night, she insisted on wearing underwear to bed.  No accidents, but she was up a couple times going to the bathroom.  Hopefully she'll manage soon since she usually makes it all night in a diaper without peeing.

Temperament:  Terrible twos have kind of set in with us.  We still aren't sleeping well (mostly thanks to Brody) so I'm having a hard time having enough patience with her some days.  I try to keep my cool, but sometimes it's hard because she is screaming about ridiculous things.  We are using a version of counting to 3 for discipline which is actually working pretty well with her.  She's really testing my limits with pushing/pulling/kicking her brother lately which ends up in her sitting in her room in time out for 2 minutes.  She screams, but I have to say she listens to me and stays there for the whole two minutes.  I try to limit the amount I put her in time out though.

Kayla's birthday party was pretty low key, as both kids had been sick for about 3 months straight and frankly, I didn't want to get other kiddos sick.  And I set out invites a little late, so it was basically my immediate family, Justin's parents and us.  My grandparents came as well and one little friend for Kayla.  I still feel pretty guilty about this, but she seemed to not mind.  And she loves all her new toys.  And my menu from Skinny Taste was a big hit.  :)

I really can't believe how quickly my little girl is growing up.  It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant.  But I love watching her grow and learn and change, despite the temper tantrums.  She is mostly sugar and spice and very little salty and sour.  :)

I love you more than you will ever know Kayla Marie.

 photo Kaylas21.jpg
Pampy and Brody
 photo Kaylas22.jpg
How many Moms does it take to feed a baby?
 photo Kaylas23.jpg

 photo Kaylas24.jpg
The birthday girl :)
 photo Kaylas25.jpg
Her hair is out of control and she never leaves anything in it...she even pulls out the pigtails quite often.
 photo Kaylas26.jpg
Opening presents is serious business
 photo Kaylas27.jpg
Kayla's friend M.
 photo Kaylas28.jpg
Balloons are the most fun
 photo Kaylas29.jpg

 photo Kaylas210.jpg

 photo Kaylas211.jpg
New bike!
 photo Kaylas212.jpg
And helmet!
 photo Kaylas213.jpg
Cake...after Kayla fingered it.
 photo Kaylas214.jpg
Nini and Brody
 photo Kaylas215.jpg
She really wasn't a fan of the cake or the blowing out the candles...
Professional Photos :)

 photo Hales-202.jpg

 photo Hales-2042.jpg

 photo Hales-2113.jpg

 photo Hales-213.jpg

 photo Hales-215v.jpg

 photo Hales-2312.jpg

 photo Hales-2293.jpg

 photo Hales-2323.jpg

 photo Hales-2322.jpg

 photo Hales-234.jpg
  I have more of Brody and a few cute family photos, but this post is about Kayla, so maybe I'll show those off in another post. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

4 Month Update

So Brody turned 4 months old over a month ago now.  (And Kayla turned 2 about a week coming soon.)  Sorry for the blog silence, but here's where I've been.  Hunting for house in Buffalo Grove, hunting for houses in Arlington Heights, hunting for houses in Mount Prospect, hunting for houses...ok you get it.  More on that coming up as well.  For now, here's what I can remember about Brody from 3-4 months. :)

Weight: 16 lbs 9.3 ounces (71%), he's shrinking. :)

Length: 26.5" (94%)

Head Circumference: 43 cm (87%)

Physical Milestones:  He started rolling very easily from his back to his tummy around this time.  He's also a rockstar at tummy time.  I honestly cannot remember either of my kids having that newborn floppy head...maybe if they came on time...  He really is a fan of tummy time and refuses to roll from tummy to back pretty much at all.  He also refuses to sleep on his tummy however, which poses a sleeping problem...

Eating:  He eats about 5 times during the day and then usually once at night.  We had a rough time with nursing while he was stuffy and he's been sick pretty much all of December and January so that's fun. 

Sleeping:  Sleeping is still very rough.  I've come to the conclusion both my kids are bad sleepers because they are too busy being over achievers in the physical milestone department.  Brody usually wakes up 2-3 times at night, but I refuse to feed him more than once.  His gas does seem to be getting a little bit better and gradually he started sleeping a bit better and he isn't always waking up crying in pain, so that's really nice.  The doctor gave us a prescription for a reflux med, thinking maybe the reflux was causing the gas pain.  We'll see if that helps (since I'm trying to write this from the 4 month time frame, I can tell you it doesn't. :))

Eventually he'll sleep, it's just hard to take it while it's been going on for this long.  His naps are actually getting pretty good.  He usually takes at least 1 good nap a day (longer than 1 hour) and often takes 2.  He's on a semi schedule with some flexibility for feeding and sleeping.  We're thinking about starting some solids but I'm not sure he is fully ready yet, so we are holding off for a couple weeks.  

Here are some photos I took this month.  It's nearly impossible to take his photos while Kayla is awake, but at least I get some fun outtakes. :)

 photo 4Mo1Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo2Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo3Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo4Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo5Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo6Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo7Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo8Text.jpg

 photo 4Mo9Text.jpg


 photo Outtake1.jpg
Tender moment?  Or perfect photo of slapping?

 photo Outtake2.jpg

 photo Outtake3.jpg
No idea...

 photo Outtake4.jpg

 photo Outtake8.jpg
I can't pull this hair off...

 photo Outtake9.jpg

 photo Outtake10.jpg
This picture cracks me up.  To most, it looks like Kayla said something funny and Brody's hitting her on the back like they are laughing together.  To me, it looks like a foreshadowing of the future when he is bigger than her since he is about to smack her. :)

 photo Outtake12.jpg

 photo Outtake13.jpg

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Anti-Love Letter

Dearest Winter:

I want a divorce.

If nothing else I think we need to see other people.  It's not you, it's me.  Well actually it's definitely you and your inability to keep your germy hands away from my kids.  Ever since you came into our lives, we just can't seem to get fully healthy.  You are clearly not good for us.  I know you will find someone that loves when you come into their lives and create a cesspool of germs in their least I hope you do.  That someone is just not me.

I still love you, I'm just not in love with you anymore.  I was looking forward to what you bring to the table, such as snow and cuddling time in front of the fireplace (which we don't have).  But you have failed to come through on your end.  I have put a lot into this relationship, like new winter gear for the kids and myself, but all you've brought is misery and sleepless nights (and not in a good way.)

We are just headed in different directions in our lives.  I'm heading toward spring and good health with my family, and you are headed to Antarctica where I hope you have time to think about this and come back next year with renewed energy.

Let's stay friends.


 photo IMG_1972.jpg

 photo IMG_2054.jpg

 photo IMG_2080.jpg

 photo IMG_2093.jpg

 photo IMG_2109.jpg

 photo IMG_1974.jpg

 photo IMG_2050.jpg

 photo IMG_2088.jpg

 photo IMG_2120.jpg