Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Months Away from 9 Years

Dear Justin,

Since your last birthday, we've

Welcomed a nephew:

Welcomed our second baby, our son:

Celebrated an anniversary:

Not from our anniversary, but I'm pretty sure we did nothing.  So here it is. :)

Celebrated the holidays in our own place as a family for the first time (after spreading illness throughout my family):

Took our first family trip to see/meet your family:

Celebrated our first baby's second birthday:

Been through too many sicknesses between our two kids and ourselves to count:

Bought our first home:

Baptized our little man:

And so much more.

We have had some hard times and still continue to have ups and downs, but there is no one I would rather be sitting next to on this crazy ride.

Today (tomorrow because we work and I won't have time to post this :)) is your birthday and in exactly two months, we will have been together for 9 years (minus one week where you were a little confused but we don't mention that).  Nine.  On paper, it sounds like forever.  In reality, I can't believe how quickly it's going and how easy it is to love you.

I hope that today, you not only know how much you are loved, but you feel it from Kayla, Brody and me.  You are so important to us and we thank God every day for another one with you in our lives.

M, K, & B


  1. hahaha, the week that we don't mention. :)

  2. A week is way less than the summer we don't mention in our house.

    Happy Birthday, Justin. We are thankful every day that you are part of our family. <3