Friday, February 14, 2014

On Being Overdue...

No not me.  :)

My little sister is due with her second baby any day now.  I'm so excited for her and everything ahead, but she was technically due on the 12th (2 days ago).  Her first, my nephew Liam, was 6 days early so I think she is just a little anxious that this little one isn't here yet.  I've been reflecting back on my days of being overdue (8 total over 2 pregnancies) and trying to think of what to say to her to make her feel better.  Then I realized, you can't say anything really to make a overdue very pregnant lady feel any better.

So instead I'm making a list of things people say to ladies who are overdue that are meant to be helpful (or maybe not) that are very much NOT helpful and don't make you feel any better.

  1. "The baby will come out eventually."  Or any variation including, "No woman has been pregnant forever."  Not helpful because it actually does feel like you will be pregnant forever.
  2. "You look like you are going to pop!"  Um, because I am, hopefully soon (and I secretly hope my water breaks right here all over your feet.)
  3. "When are you being induced?" Not making mom feel hopeful about labor without induction...
  4. "Due dates don't mean anything."  Then why the hell do they have them??? :)
  5. "Are you sure you got the dates right?" Pretty sure it's been at least 40 weeks since I got pregnant...
  6. "I bet you are ready to have that baby."  Um duh, have you EVER been pregnant?
  7. "Can you have the baby this weekend (or any day that is convenient for person doing talking." Yes because I'm sure this wait is tough on YOU.
  8. "Bounce on a yoga ball." "Have sex." "Eat spicy food." "Take a long walk." "[This] worked for me." None of these things are magic...except for maybe sex, or spicy good, or 
  9. Daily texts/messages "Have that baby yet?"  Sorry about my husband on this one Lauren.
  10. "How are you feeling."  Anxious, stressed, tired, fat, shitty, ready, irritated, a million other crappy sensations.
  11. "Sleep now, before the baby comes."  Anyone that says this has never been very pregnant, because Lord knows you sleep like crap when you are very pregnant anyways.  I remember thinking it was God's way of preparing you for a baby.  Then I actually felt MORE rested when the baby came.
  12. "You don't know the sex? I bet you are ready for that baby to come."  Again, duh.
No words of wisdom Lauren except I'm excited to meet the newest addition to our crazy awesome family.  And I love you. :)

Here is a sneak peeks of some pictures from Christmas time, a few good ones of the little guy that's soon going to be a big brother. 

 photo KaylaMirror.jpg

 photo BrodyLookingAway.jpg

 photo LiamCookies5.jpg

 photo LiamCookies4.jpg

 photo LiamCookies3.jpg

 photo LiamCookies2.jpg

 photo LiamCookies1.jpg

 photo BrodyGrabbingPictures.jpg

 photo LiamKevinCookies2.jpg

 photo LiamKevinCookies1.jpg

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